~ Feelings matter. Life matters. You matter. ~

Hi! I'm Tina and I believe that everyone has a story waiting to be told. In the last 25 years of my life, I've made many mistakes, learned life is messy, and can change at any given point in time. I started You're Not Invisible in January of 2013, shortly after I was diagnosed with having clinical depression. 

Writing has always been a passion of mine, and so I decided to write out my feelings of what I was going through here to help others feel and know they are not alone, give them a view on mental illness, as well as give them fashion advice, recipes, and interviews with talented friends I've met throughout the years.

Honestly, I never thought my blog would have turned into the Internet sensation it is today. I'm so happy it did; I've met many cool people because of it.

You may be wondering where I came up with the name of my blog. Well, when I first started my blog, it was actually called I'm Not Invisible. Growing up I was bullied for a lot of reasons, so I decided to call it I'm Not Invisible, because I've always felt invisible.

It seemed like no matter what I would do, no one would ever take time out of their day just to say hi to me or take some of my ideas for a class project. For a while, I was so depressed that, it felt like I had nothing left in life. But then I got the help that I needed and that's when I realized that everyone has their own unique story to be told.

That's when I really started to interview people here on my blog and realized that if I kept my blog name, I'm Not Invisible, it would sound a little selfish. If I was going to keep interviewing other people and giving them a chance to tell their stories, I thought it would sound better to change the I'm to You're. That being said, a majority of what I put on my blog are interviews. I try to change things up once in a while, but for the most part, I focus on telling stories that need to be told. Whether it's interviewing an author, musician, actor, model, fashion designer, to anything else in between, I want you to know that YOU matter, YOU have a purpose on life, & YOU have a story waiting to be told. It may take time to find something, but eventually, I hope you find the thing in your life that's worth fighting for. 


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