Project Of The Day: Collage Flower Vases!!!

8:14 PM

Materials You Will Need
*Magazines With Lots Of Cool Pictures
*FUZE bottles (Or Some Kind Of Other Similar Bottle)
*Hot Glue Gun
*Mod Podge (Optional)

How You Make The Vases
1. Cut out pictures from magazines that you like with your scissors. This can be very time consuming, so I suggest doing it another day in advance. If you want to do what I did above, then cut out only beauty/makeup products and other cool words/quotes/names of companies you like!!!

2. Hot glue the pictures to your bottle.
3. If you want to put water directly in your bottle, then I suggest putting something like Mod Podge over all the pictures. If you don't decide to do that, then I suggest doing what I did, which was to put the flowers in a little water tube (you can buy those online or ask for one at your local flower shop). After this step, you are already done!!! It's a really fun and easy craft to make :D Personally, I think it looks better if you put on a couple of layers with the pictures.

Let me know in the comments if you want me to do more "Project Of The Day" articles in the future!!! Thanks!!! ~Tina xoxo

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