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I am proud to announce that I got to interview one of my favorite authors and speakers... Miss Jacqueline Pierre. For me, I would have never heard of her if it wasn't for her brother, singer/songwriter Robert Pierre. Jacqueline has only written one book so far... but in my opinion "Totally Infatuated" is by far one of my favorite books of all times!!! In fact, I was so inspired that I wrote a song about the book. If you want to see it click here. My dream, once I get done writing my book, is to speak side by side with Jacqueline and sing/write songs with Robert at their church. Look out for my professionally recorded version of this song soon!!! If a lot of people like this then I might even put it up on iTunes. Did I mention that this Orlando native is only 16-years-old? I can't wait to see what's in store for her. If you want to learn more about Jacqueline you can visit her website, YouTube channel, or follow her on Twitter.

Facts About Jacqueline
Favorite Book: I’m not even ashamed to say this: I am obsessed with Martin Luther! He is my celebrity crush. For Christmas, a few years ago, my pastor gave me a biography on Luther and it quickly became my favorite book.
Favorite Musician: ROBERT PIERRE! I love his music. It’s unbelievable how much it reflects his genuine heart for worship and reaching the lost… I am his number one fan, what can I say? Some days I even wish I could be his little sister ;)

Favorite Food: Deep-dish Giordano’s pizza.
Favorite Author: C.S. Lewis.
Favorite Store: Anthropologie.
Favorite Makeup Item: Eyeliner.
Favorite Bible Verse: Ecclesiastes 5:7
Favorite Color: Blue.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas!
Heels or Flats: Heels, unless they are boots…
Mac or PC: Mac.
Blackberry or iPhone: iPhone.
Twitter or Facebook: Twitter.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.
Winter or Summer: Summer.
Pancakes or Waffles: Pancakes.
Math or Science: Science.
Past, Present, or Future: Learn from the past, live in the present, and prepare for the future. 

Describe "Totally Infatuated" to people who haven't read it yet. How did you come up with idea for it?
Totally Infatuated is a twelve chapter devotional book written by a teenager for teenagers. My book encourages students to have a passion for God’s Word and dives into investigating what the Bible has to say about typical teenage issues: Friends, Language, Social Networking, Spiritual Mentorship, etc. My prayer for Totally Infatuated has always been that it leaves its readers with a new understanding of how precious God’s words are and ignites within them their own infatuation with both the pages of Scripture and the Author, God the Father.

What's the hardest part of writing for you? Some days, I feel as if there is not enough paper in the entire world to contain my thoughts. In fact, I’ve found that to be the most challenging part of writing. It must truly become a discipline, for any type of writer, to keep ones thoughts (as they say) short and sweet.

If you wrote an auto-biography about your life, what do you think the title would be called? Why? In keeping with my “Totally Infatuated” theme, I think if I were to write an auto-biography I would call it “Obsession.” I think that’s got a good ring to it, and as a writer I feel like that title would help eliminate some limitations.

What do you like more: speaking or writing? I love them both equally because both give me the opportunity to use my words to tell other about Jesus. Word’s captivate me and there is nothing greater than to do what you love for the purpose of bringing God glory and fame. Sharing God’s Word, whether that’s by writing or speaking, is a humbling privilege that I love and take very seriously. 

Your brother is Christian recording artist Robert Pierre. I take it that you grew up in a house with lots of music. Do you play any instruments and/or sing? Although I don’t sing, you are right on when you say that I have grown up in a house with “lots of music”. My brother sings, my mother sings, my grandmother sings, and some of my dearest friends are singers! Let’s get one thing straight: Musicians rock! Over the past five years or so, as Robert has been touring and singing, I have had the joy of being surround by this truly unique breed of people. Their black v-necks, their rolled up jeans, their quick wit, their Starbucks addictions, their crazy hair, and their sensitive hearts to God’s Word, have endeared me to them forever.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors? Write. Write, write, write and when you think you’ve written enough, write some more! Write constantly! So much, that you make writing not a practice but a habit. The more you write, the more you will improve. Also, use your love and giftedness in writing to bring God glory. Why not give your talent right back to the one who gave it to you?

What does a current day in your life look like? A normal day in the life Jacqueline Pierre includes morning coffee, working out, thinking about doing my Chemistry schoolwork but deciding to put off… until my mother finds out and sends me right back upstairs to complete it. It includes amazing and irreplaceable family time, more coffee, hopefully a dramatically drawn out “slow motion” battle with my older brother (as my parents sit at the kitchen counter laughing at us), some time snuggling with my puppies, much time praying, an occasional dance around my kitchen with my best friend, Nicole, and, if at that point I happen to have a spare moment, I may even be found upstairs in my bedroom playing my guitar… that is… until my father finds out and sends me to finish that stinking Chemistry work!

Do you have any plans to write another book in the future? If so, what do you think it will be about? Or are you just focused on going to college at the moment? While I should be more focused on my future schooling career, I must confess, when daydreaming, thoughts of a new book are far more appealing. I would love to publish another and I have worked on a few different ideas. Nothing is set in stone at the moment, however I am in constant prayer over what the future holds.

How have your personal experiences effected your writing? Outside of God’s grace and Word, it is my personal experiences that effect my writing the most!

Do you have a fan mail address? If so, what is it? Yes, my fan’s can email me through my website:

*All photos belong to Jacqueline Pierre.

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