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When I was in 5th grade my favorite thing to do in class was to read Time For Kids Magazines. That's how I first heard of the band Smoosh. Now Asy and Chloe are all grown up and go by the band name Chaos Chaos. If you haven't heard of them before, make sure to check them out on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or official website. Their style is so unique, especially on their EP "S"; I can't even begin to describe it. Recently, I had the chance to interview Asy who sings lead vocals and plays all sorts of instruments (mainly keyboards) in Chaos Chaos.

Facts About Asy
Favorite Style of Music: Upbeat with world influence and a lot of bass!
Favorite Musicians: PJ Harvey, Wu Tang Clan, Gorillaz, & Bjork.
Favorite CDs: PJ Harvey 'Is This Desire', Wu Tang Clan '36 Chambers.'

Favorite Store: Hong Kong Market.
Favorite Food: Sushi.
Favorite Color: Orange.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas!!!
Heels or Flats: Heels.
Mac or PC: Mac.
Blackberry or iPhone: iPhone.
Twitter or Facebook: Facebook.
Chocolate or Vanilla:
Vanilla frosting, chocolate cake.
Winter or Summer: Summer.
Pancakes or Waffles: Pancakes.
Math or Science: Science.
Past, Present, or Future: Pruture. (Starting now and going into the future.)

Q & A
You’ve lived in Seattle, Sweden, and now you live in Brooklyn. Out of all those places, which was your favorite place to live and why? What are some of your favorite places to go in Brooklyn when you have spare time?
I love traveling, and I also love feeling that I have many homes or semi homes. I loved Sweden but don't feel like I could live there forever. Brooklyn is a very current home for me, I feel my time here has not come to an end --there is more to see. In Brooklyn I love exploring and going to places I wouldn't normally go to. Brooklyn is great for running into these vibrant small communities all based around this obscure thing you didn't know was popular (indoor rockclimbing, kayaking on the Gowanus river).

For a while your sister Maia was in the band when you were still called Smoosh. Did she choose not to be in Chaos Chaos or did you not let her? Why isn’t she in it? Maia is unlike Chloe and I in that she has so many things she is dipping her feet into instead of one she is going all out with. Chaos Chaos was meant to be a project we put everything into and Maia is super busy doing amazing art projects in the city and going to this awesome school, and traveling to Rwanda. For now it makes more sense for her to be involved in the band doing things other than music. Her art has impacted our band so much!

In a lot of the songs that you write you can’t really understand the lyrics. Do you do that on purpose so that you’ll sound more mysterious or are there bad lyrics that we don’t know about? Hmmm. I actually didn't know that was the case. I have tried to work on my pronunciation, but I think it is just my style of singing. Some of my vocal melodies are always changing key and kind of roundabout around the song, so it can be tough to focus on pronouncing every word.

What is your favorite song that you’ve written for Chaos Chaos or Smoosh? Why? For Smoosh, I love Massive Cure. It was an old song and it was just banged out but it is a always fun live, it is versatile in that we can manipulate it into alternate versions and the cd version is also something that brings back many memories for me. 

When you were younger your parents wouldn’t even let you release your last name to the public. Would you call your parents a little overprotective? Or do you think they were just trying to make you live life like normal teenagers? We did have a life like normal teenagers, except for when we were on tour. Our parents just wanted us to be safe, and like all parents, were very protective in that way! Not overly in my opinion.

Do you have a secret handshake you do before you go on stage? Do you get nervous before a performance? I do sometimes get nervous, when I know people I know will be there, but usually I get this excited feeling, which is more like an adrenaline rush. Before performances we bump stomaches while jumping in the air. It has always been our good-luck routine.

What does a current day in your life look like? Right now our current day begins kind of early, with us doing work emails and computer things we need to do, and also usually keeping up with current events via NPR and Google. Then we rehearse (following our neighbor's schedule of course), writing new material together for some hours. Later in the day we jog or hang out with friends and then do more writing without drums, on logic or keyboards. We like watching lectures on youtube and writing blogs also to keep our minds active :).

Do you have part-time jobs or is Chaos Chaos your full-time job? Are you currently enrolled in college? We have had part time jobs, but right now we are lucky enough to just work on Chaos Chaos, and it is a full time job.

What are some musicians that you would like to collaborate with? There are many! I would love to collaborate with someone who is great with making cool beats and doing production, because that is one aspect of songwriting that I feel I need to work on. It is also something that I am excited about incorporating into our new material.

If you weren’t in a band what do you think you would be doing now? What are your dream jobs? I would probably be in college because I love school and the college environment. My dream job is being a musician full time though! But I don't want to limit myself.. In the future I might be really interested in something else and I might want to go to school.

*All photos belong to Chaos Chaos.

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  1. I love your interviews!! Great job :)

    1. Thanks so much again for saying that!!! Last night a fan Facebook page posted a comment saying that I did a great job with this, and also said that I did a better job than most "pros." LOL. That made my day.


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