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I've known 17-year-old Alicia Watt basically my whole life, even though we've only gotten to see each other about every two years. How cute were we? (Look at the picture down below, I'm the one on the right.) Alicia belongs to a missionary family that currently lives in Niger, Africa. Whenever she's in the states hanging out with me, you'll probably find us playing a round of sardines at my church. If you want to learn more about her and become her friend, please follow her Twitter account here.

Facts About Alicia
Africa or USA: A little bit of both.
Favorite Musicians: Justin Bieber …but I have too many to list. I just LOVE music!
Favorite Books: The Hunger Games, Small Steps, Hoot… again too many to list.
Favorite Movie: Super 8 is at the top of a VERY long list.
Favorite Food: Fried onions and peppers, fried crickets, & anything with meat.
Favorite Color: Purple.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas.
Heels or Flats: Flats.
Mac or PC: Never had a Mac, so PC!
Blackberry or iPhone: Haven’t had either.
Twitter or Facebook: Twitter.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate AND Vanilla!
Winter or Summer: Summer.
Pancakes or Waffles: Pancakes.
Math or Science: Math.
Past, Present, or Future: Future.


You were adopted as a young child, by a missionary family. How do you think your life would be different if you weren’t adopted? If my birth-mom had lived, my life in the village would have been incredibly different. I probably would not have gone to school, I’d be married about the age that I am now, and I would be a Muslim. But on the plus side, I’d be royalty because my grandmother was the queen of the village!

How hot does it normally get there? Do you like that temperature? Or would you rather live in the United States and have a lot of snow on the ground? We have different seasons here (dry, humid, rainy…) but it’s always hot. Around April, it can get up to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. I can’t stand it that hot, especially when it’s humid, but I’m most comfortable when it’s in the 90’s. 80 degrees is WAY too cold so you can see how much I suffer when we’re in the States during winter!

What do you do for fun in your free time? I read books, go on Twitter, watch movies, and play with my pets. There aren’t a lot of places to go around here so I’m usually in my room.

I take it that you don’t have a lot of big stores over there. Do you do most of your shopping online or do you buy a lot of things from friends or markets? What is your favorite store? We have a couple thrift shops where I’ve been able to find some pretty cute clothes but whenever there is someone coming out here, I’ll order stuff online. We go to the market to buy material to have outfits made. Occasionally, when there are garage sales, I’ll buy shirts or jeans from friends. When we’re in the United States, we have to stock up on deodorant, underwear, socks, and shoes because you can’t really get them here. My favorite store in the United States is Wet Seal.

Do you think you want to be a missionary like your parents someday? If not, what would your ideal job be and why? Right now, I don’t think I want to be a missionary. I plan to head back to the United States after I graduate from high school. I’m not sure what I want to do but in college, I want to study something like special education or early childhood education.

How many different languages does your family speak? What is your favorite one to speak? Or if you just know English, what language do you wish you could speak? My parents know how to speak a language called Fulfulde because they work the people group (the Fulani). We all know French (even though I’m far from fluent) and English. I’m learning Spanish in school but I’d love to learn American Sign Language someday.

What is the security in your country like? Do you get things stolen from you a lot? Is it legal to have a Bible in your country? At the moment, there is a war going on in a neighboring country so it isn’t exactly safe here. When you drive around the neighborhoods, there are military and tanks all over the place. Some of my friends aren’t allowed out at night (if we have movie nights or sleepovers) because of safety concerns. I don’t remember ever having anything stolen from our house but we have a bit of a thief problem at school. Niger has a freedom of religions (although the main one here is Islam) and as far as I know, Bibles are allowed. There are many churches, big and small, here and we attend a few of them.

What is the school like that you go to? Is it pretty small or like a normal school in the United States? I go to an International Christian private school. It’s pretty small but this is the first year we’ve had over 100 elementary students. In 2012, about 2 weeks into the school year, our school flooded and we were forced to relocate. School is pretty much the same as it is in the States except we have different curriculum and more Bible classes. Also, everyone is required to take French. I’ve been at the same school since Kindergarten (minus 2 years in the States) and I’m planning on graduating here too.

Can you please tell me what kind-of work your parents do for there jobs? Do you and your brother ever have to help them with missionary work? My dad is a Bible translator and my mom is a social worker so she’s been helping different families all over West Africa that are in the process of adopting. My brother and I will sometimes go out to the villages with our parents to visit with people but we’re mostly busy with school. This week, a group of us from school are going to start working at a baby orphanage. My school does Outreach trips, Orphanage teams, and a lot of other things for the community so we MKs (missionary kids) have our own ministry going on.

Any prayer requests? Please pray that the war in Mali would end quickly and pray for the safety of all those who are there. Please pray for Niger because there is a lot of suffering and hardship here. I’m starting to feel less and less safe because of everything that’s going on around us and sometimes I just want to go back to the States. Also please pray that I’d survive my chemistry class.

*All photos belong to Alicia Watt.

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  1. I love it!! Great job, Tina! And I'm so glad you added the pic of us! I almost did but I wasn't sure you'd want it up on your blog. Haha this is so great! Thanks again! :)

    1. Yeah I wanted it to look nicer so I decided to add the picture that your mom found and put on Facebook. I'm glad that you love it!!!


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